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Ariana Grande - feat Nicki Minaj-Side To Side

feat Nicki Minaj-Side To Side
: feat Nicki Minaj-Side To Side
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: 07-02-2018
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (Ariana Grande - feat Nicki Minaj-Side To Side )
  1. Ahmed Saeed


  2. Michelle Oliveira #army

    My love ariana grande

  3. Michelle Oliveira #army

    I'm your fan too much I watch your videos a lot

  4. Joshua Mwami

    I love u sooo much

  5. Vanessa Mkabwana

    Sups hot

  6. Astral Clan

    Ciao ragazzi sono un italiano

  7. Melody Beautifiel

    Qui regarde ca en 2019=》 LIKER

  8. baby shark

    Who are these 516k haters 🙄

  9. Hana Loncar

    ❤❤❤❤❤❤💜I love youu

  10. Safia Saeed

    This is so sexual, but the song is so good so whatever

  11. adilson almeida

    So do brasil e vcs

  12. fun korea

    Mau ngumpulin orang Indonesia yang komen ada gak ya?Like👇

  13. Âkol Madut

    Like this before1 mi

  14. /อรรวรรณ โนสูงเนิน


  15. john agnet

    Nicki is Queen of rap bitchesss🔝👑

  16. MimiWolfie

    Here before 2 billion!↓

  17. Sarabjeet Kaur

    Love you ariana

  18. Madalin

    Cnv 2019?

  19. Madalin

    Like cine e roman

  20. 1000 Subs With No Videos Challenge

    Who thought this was an innocent song just from the title?

  21. STE_ 123

    This is Peter. 🧒 Peter has no friends. Every like 1 friend.

  22. Brianna Botchway

    Best rappNikki Minaj likeOfCardi B comment

  23. Lisa Toussaint

    Anyone here November 2019☺️☺️

  24. Crystal Gacha

    1.6B views 🔥🔥🔥Anyone November 2019?

  25. DarkSxul_Alex

    Ariana the queen of pop Nicki the queen of rap period wait cardi is bye nicki

  26. nafsii

    been all night, been all day, beanana.

  27. Norma Loera

    *Hi my name is Leslie*

  28. Norma Loera


  29. SorryHD - Brawl Stars

    When you ask you friends to come over to flex.

  30. 1,000 Subscribers With 1 Video

    Who is better?Like: *Ariana Grande*Comment: *Katy Perry*

  31. 신미나

    Ariana Grande❤Nicki Minaj❤Side to Side❤

  32. Josh Lara

    Still here from Just Dance 2018 ❤

  33. Sam Foster

    i love you

  34. Rosni Othman

    i played one of ariana's songs in my sister's car while she was driving and she said "ariana has an amazing voice but unfortunately she doesn't have any decent song" i'd say she rather tasteless but my point here is even the haters have to admit ariana's amazing-ness

  35. Lyric Master

    I think she's a wanna be slut. Yes I hate her but i like her music AAAHHH 😤😤💖

  36. E5m

    She quickly glanced me in the eye during this song last weekend at her concert lol.

  37. Ramona Polacek

    You are the best of the world ❤️💗❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🥰🥰🥰😍😍😘😘💍💍

  38. Janneth Salinas

    Good Adriana love you

  39. Scrony Danza

    The 80s version is at least 420 times better than this kak

  40. Dian Kurniawati

    Ariana, kamu cantik & seksi

  41. 최석

    처음나오는여자겁나이쁘네 노래도좋고^^♡

  42. Chloe Cain

    I love you and or music❤

  43. Estefania Pérez

    her hair game is strong

  44. Theus Zzz


  45. Kathy Blystone

    One day I want to meet you you're the queen of pop Ms. Grande


    Buy a meet and greet ticket on a future tour and then you can meet her! ;)

  46. Nora. Ruiz. dallodiliz

    El otro video era una mierda

  47. Monica Escobar

    I mean 1:51

  48. Monica Escobar

    Like of you see something rare in the minute 1:52 wow that súper rare

  49. Exility Zilohz

    Ariana or Cat Valentine

  50. vito zermo

    Ti voglio bene Arianna guai chi ti tocca

  51. Brianna Botchway

    Sam and cat commendOfVictorious like


    how do u commend?

  52. Lily Oleary

    Ily 🤟

  53. Reuben Maranga

    Nope, sorry I had to put dislike. But Satan is driving u crazy.

  54. Fernanda Ferrazzo


  55. Ultimate Gaming

    This song makes me feel like i’m worth something

  56. Ultimate Gaming

    I can hit higher notes than Ariana grande When I step on a Lego of course

  57. Princes Alcoriza

    1.6 billion !!

  58. ikram ikz

    Who comes here everyday ?

  59. Kaicee Nalyanya

    Isn't she so pretty I am not that pretty💞💞



  61. Lexii Medina

    I always listen to this song

  62. Fake Streamer16

    Who remembers here from victorious and Sam and cat

  63. Rayyaan Aubeeluck

    Those dislike are from cardi b fans...

  64. Anna Smith

    Nicki said she’s the queen of what??! I’m sorry but has she heard of Sno?? You got a couple good songs about dikks being bicycles , snakes and whatever else .. but Sno tha Product has this on lock

    Kaicee Nalyanya

    Excuse me Nicki is the queen of rap🔥🔥

  65. The Bullydog

    Like que entiedes comentario en español😀😀😂

  66. Sandra Chavez

    I love Arianna Grande SHE IS ON SAM AND CAT

  67. Miriam Fuentes Yamashiro

    Me encanta el video💕💕😍

  68. Sarah Gumball

    Here randomly in November 2019

  69. Primeistic

    if u are here because of victorious subscribe to my channel.

  70. Luna Romanoff

    Who else is watching in 2020

    Bob Steve

    Not you

  71. Thrixy and Kyla


  72. Ashley 1 2 3 4

    Love you Ariana!

  73. Mia kawuai

    Cool Music Ariana grande xD 😂😂 :3

  74. krilstian

    i understand now to not be in the shadow"drunk" no one remember no one that is not on the her mucis with the queen raper niki

  75. ayee

    2:46 "Im the queen of rap"cardi b: hold Kulture real quick


    ayee don’t compare cardi to the queen 🙄

    park jennie bts & blackpink is life

    @Stanktesticlejuice you stop comparing them Both are different they have different style both are talented (I love nicki more than cardi b but comparing them is bad)

  76. L'uh Savager 2


  77. Regina Sosa

    Anyone watching in 2019 if you are like


    in one day 75 likes insane XD

  78. bruh

    *no one asked what year/month you’re listening in*

  79. Mrs Baggins

    Nicki's body is beautiful

  80. Gustavo Henrique

    putaria loka cantada por Ariana Grande e Nick Minaj.mp4

  81. real Granny


  82. RJ Saini

    lmao how is this shit 3 years old

  83. Ҭαεκøøκ Ṃι ὋҬƤ

    Que asko la niky minaje xdxd😑😒

  84. •mimi punpun:3

    Bruh why 516k dislikes this is a good song 🙄🤨

  85. Mario4000

    Tesi órán, meghalunk már jaaaaj már mindenem nagyon fááááááááááááj :D (if somebody do not know what is this, this is a Hungarian meme i think)

  86. Swaggy.Pants101 B

    2016 : nahhh not intersested2019: IM COMING FOR YOU

  87. Dubstep Cool

    2019!!!!!! like

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