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Jason Derulo - Blind

: Blind
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: 06-08-2017
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (Jason Derulo - Blind )
  1. Eve Muserviry

    I'm Here 2019 love sometimes😥😭

  2. xominalo

    I just found out my boyfriend of 5 years cheated on me.

    islam islam

    Congrats ! Now dump him and date me ...😂😂😂😂


    islam islam 😂😂 brooooo

  3. zaeema saeed

    Listening to this still

  4. SouthernSass1111 Badassery

    We.. Us..Were Meant to Be... Please Mate..Hear my soul screaming out .. For One.. The one and only you.. Yes you..Guess I'm a fool.. But not blind🌹P6...

  5. Kei Vinluan

    First year of Highschool and 9 years later, still feels heartbreaking. 😢

  6. Chuuwuya l

    I remember this song being my middle school life bgm lol. At that time life was fun tho

  7. Clara Pandao

    It's just tolking about me yes I was blinded for him but not anymore

  8. Captain Khawlhring

    Anyone 2019??

  9. Nason SD

    2019 is making me blind but im still listing to this Song...

  10. Jenny I


  11. Gabriela Molina

    When you’re in love..... Just remember that.... "They say every tear has it's reasons,Every smile has it's own season and never once you thought you were triflin." But, o I was blinded, You never wanted let go when you should had, when you had the chance before he/she broke you heart. 💔

  12. Ashley Perkins

    Same hard find the right one

  13. Sylvia Coeur Ciarlo

    OH ! YEAH ! I LOVE ...

  14. Lalmuanpuia Ralte


  15. Flamesgreen’s Space Agency

    My break up playlist:1. Love made me blind2. Ridin solo



  17. 초무초무

    2019 and im still coming back to this 💔💔

    Pemala Gensapa

    Yea today 💕

  18. jake scoffie

    I bet this song dedicated to jordin sperks

  19. Meap 2003

    "TRUST NO ONE!" 👿

  20. Marbel Wase

    Still listening in 2019😒😒😒

  21. lXlYlXl XX XAFIX

    I tried making songs too ⚔High School ⚔ (Waves - Ukulele Hip-Hop Beat 👍Prod. Riddiman) i hope yall will like it. My first song tho <3 Give me some advice too i will appreciate that a lot.

  22. Myrlande Ibreus


  23. Julie Dilworth

    makes me cry very sad can relate to this

  24. Julie Dilworth

    made me cry

  25. Gabriela Molina

    It's crazy how your most loved ones may stay in your heart, but never in your life💔

  26. pettra shirley

    Thank u so much.....hahhahaaa...tq,tq,tqtqtqtqtqtqtqtqtqt

  27. Gladys Darazi

    Yo, some people here commenting on their heart break...Am still a kid but I know one thing, it’s that if he cheated , he ain’t too good for u. Ur amazing no matter what, love can’t break u, ur mind sais it .

  28. PFC Duggan CHASE

    It hurts so bad. My heart is shattered.



  30. Aparece Bheverly

    Minsan kung love pa nemu nemu ang usang tao pero duna tay page doda Kay sila kalaki man deba

  31. Malisa Peters

    One of my friend die 5 years back and he was the one i first hear this song from and now I never stop playing it.😩 R I P.

    Pablo 27

    Im sorry :''

  32. Udom Kanjanabout

    Dawn Fisher you’re love made me blind by Santy Sunny Kanjanabout

  33. Flower Alkathem

    it hurts when your trying to move on but you relize the person alread moved on and your stuck in this stage where all u do is cry...

  34. Laetitia Patissier

    Love is a mistake

  35. Nell Fusini

    And I realized how blind I've been since that day he said the most hurtful stuff to me.. including wanting to murder me.. yeah I realized I was stupid when he walked out on me when I broke down crying... he didn't even look back.. I remember sitting down barely could catch my breath from the heartless stuff he said... all I remember was him walking out.. that's when it hit me hard.. that the man I loved to death and did everything for didn't give a shit about me..

  36. Rishop Chhetri

    This song is made with fucking words...ur just reading song...ur so dumb...i hate this song...this is just reading...its no song...u know nothing abu love may be blind my ass.

  37. Arima Dragneel D. Uchiha

    2019!!! Still love this songs

  38. Grace Wambui

    2019 anyone??

  39. MGN Chhungkua

    Who's still listening 2019

  40. Precious Phiri

    I wipe wen I see my husband....

  41. Lindel Bartholomew

    Am so heartbroken right now cause am going through so much mentally and emotionally why the good people always have to get hurt so bad this song reads my hole story 💔💔💔💔💔😭😭😭😭😭😭

  42. Hannah Ruby Horace

    Anyone 2019?🌟😃

  43. remarais frantz

    For all of u who have been writing sad story 😉you gotta be careful while dating coz you never know what gonna happen next 👌don't believe everything she/he said ✌don't let them know that u don't trust them 100% just keep to ur self ✌💪

  44. Angela Marion

    Oobe you baby boy

  45. lil king james

    It hurts when you notice the heartbreak and can't get a hold of it so you cry out for what though nobody seems to be listen how can you be moved on and I'm stuck reminded of how perfect it was it wasn't meant to be i thought the lord sent me a angel but he makes the most sense you are not always the one that you think I should be able to get it to you but IG you have better luck with the new day dude who's holding you I would of gave all I had to you look at us apart from each other and we thought this young love would last forever 💔😭 (I wrote this it kills me

  46. lewis deliver

    2019 anyone?

  47. Namasiku Munyanya

    Am listening this song 2019..this song is just beautiful

  48. Parex Taku

    Eish fuck love I'm tired of trying

  49. son of the south

    When you been chasing her for 8 months, fell in love with her but she don't feel the same. Murder is always a solution

  50. ItsJustJudsh

    most underrated song ever

  51. Gladys Martha

    I don't even know what to say__ they say every tear has its reason, and every smile has its own season😭😭😭😭❤❤

  52. Gladys Martha

    I don't even know what to say__ they say every tear has its reason, and every smile has its own season😭😭😭😭❤❤



  54. Streck jay


  55. Willanda Bell

    Still listening 2018

  56. Shamie Ssg

    Who watching it now

  57. Paul Penninah

    Still listening in 2018.

  58. Kendrah

    2018 anyone?

  59. Todd Davenport

    Ever since my ex fiancée broke up with me this song has meant so much to me

  60. Prince Michael Mangubat

    2018 anyone?

  61. veronic aboihi

    2k18 😻

  62. Jason Chilado

    after this ridin solo!

  63. yimtsukiu yim

    Yeah so true her love made me blind

  64. The Real Breezy Mami

    you made it looks so perfect when it wasn't meant to be😭

  65. Angel Denbow

    I was with this guy for a year and some months and he was my first everything...and he always hurt was a toxic relationship but i couldnt leave i loved him...he cheated on me with my ex best friend...and its about 6 or 7 months now and it still hurts bad...i feel so it was me

  66. wesonga

    i love her, i've pleaded her but she doesnt want to talk nor speak... ...... i love her now am on tears for she is making me suffer, what can i do?

    son of the south

    You can kill her?

  67. Tess brian

    I can't relate since I have never been heart broken but this song just makes my heart be still and it teaches me alot ...about relationships.

  68. Tess brian

    2018...anyone ....

  69. Hannah Ruby Horace

    that love made me blind!!!!

  70. Elon 123

    thank you for the song 2018

  71. Jedidja Somses

    l love this song

  72. Moiemoei Tlt


  73. Miss Lovely Bajibo

    Love made me blind, you made fool out of me

  74. Angel Denbow

    it's crazy because the song literally sums up my whole year I am still caught up with my ex who cheated on me about a year ago it hurt so much cuz he was my first everything and I'm still looking for a way to recover even though I want to hate him I don't know there's just a part of me but I can't hate him and I know it was toxic from the first moment that we were together and I know it was the right thing to do but I didn't want to let go when I found out that he cheated but I took an hour to figure it out to get my head straight and made the decision to break up I felt like I ripped my own heart out of my chest and then he stomped on it repeatedly it hurts so bad the worst pain that I will ever feel in my whole life I just whenever I see him or see his Facebook or see old pictures of us it hurts so bad still is that normal? it doesn't feel normal I shouldn't feel that for him he hurt me so bad... And I don't know I can't I can't stop what I feel I feel a mixture of hate and love I shouldn't feel that a year after though but I do.

  75. Chris Yanco

    That’s how love goes, u loving someone but they loving someone else.

  76. Macham Deng

    I can't stop listening to this song, your words are legit Legend Jason Derulo and remember heart was made to broken.

  77. Mouna Balina

    Why am I still listening to this song in 2018? 😢

  78. Jessica Clay

    2018 and I still listen to this song. This is one of my favorites

  79. nightskies_

    Me and my boyfriend just broke up a few days ago and, man, if this ain't relatable rn... 😭😭☹️

  80. randiparis

    you will always be the one that has my heart,..but time made me move on,..guess love made me blind,.. (Y)

  81. jenny xiong

    Love is not suppose to make you blind you but make you see everything more beautiful to life! If it does, its not true! I'm glad I've found my forever after so many heart breaks. I love you s.o.s. ❤️

  82. Sherry Hatfield


  83. ASMR Jacklene Garcia

    2018 💯

  84. Deztany Bebee

    I love this song sensei was two years old

  85. vendetta nayeem

    2018 anyone??

  86. Deborah O

    I danced to this song in 5th grade and now I'm in 6ty grade almost 7th.ill always love this song brings so much memories ...I love u Jason derulo ...wish u could have seen me dance to ur song and I danced to this song because in 5th grade I got bullied by my crush and he turned out to be a jerk he made the whole school find out that I have a big crush on him and now it's 2018 and I'm over him because I don't go for rude guys..just the lyrics fit perfectly ... also that year in 5th grade my crush made me happier because I met my bff that year 😃 and I told her everything and she gets me

  87. Byron T D


  88. sebross marley

    Pretty much sums it all up All i got to say is don't be afraid of throwing something away that keeps on hurting you, give something else a try! You never know what is hiding behind a closed door.

Blind Şarkı Sözü
Jason Derulo Blind Şarkı Sözleri

Never thought that I'd say
I wish I didn't love you ever since the first date, when
You got close my heart would just stop
Thought me and you together would end up on top, you
Changed me for better for worse
I know I was caught up always put you first, I
Never once thought you would be triflin
But oh I was blinded...

I was like (oh oh oh)
Never wanna let you (go go go)
I was open before (had me open before)
But now I know...
Love made me blind so I can't see
All the lies you told
Were right in front of me
Since love made me blind
You made a fool of me
You made it look so perfect
When it wasn't meant to be
Your love made me blind

I gave all of my trust
Didn't think being faithful was asking to much but
I'm good glad that I know now
I was fooled but fate let me see how
They say every tear has it's reasons
Every smile has it's own season
Never once thought you'd be triflin
But oh I was blinded...
I was like (oh oh oh)
Never wanna let you (go go go)
I was open before (had me open before)
But now I know...
Love made me blind so I can't see
All the lies you told
Were right in front of me
Since love made me blind
You made a fool of me
You made it look so perfect
When it wasn't meant to be
Your love made me blind
Your love made me blind
Love made me blind
Your love made me blind

Cause when I... I felt your lips pressed against mine
Though the sweet smell of your perfume was all mine
And I know you're beautiful lying
Cause love made me blind

Love made me blind so I can't see
All the lies you told
Were right in front of me
Since love made me blind
You made a fool of me
You made it look so perfect
When it wasn't meant to be
Your love made me blind

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