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Louis Armstrong - La Vie En Rose

La Vie En Rose
: La Vie En Rose
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: 08-07-2018
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (Louis Armstrong - La Vie En Rose )
  1. Janis Jeplin

    El amor a primer nota músical

  2. Harvey De Sagun

    I better hear this song in umbrella academy season 2

  3. Sinai Geraldine Ayarde Arteaga

    No se porque pero la sonrisa de este hombre me facina😂😍

  4. bass reeves

    "dolemite is my name..."

  5. King Kai

    Im glad i got a chance to finally find this song but iv always been a fan of louis armstrong nice to stop listening to the current music nowadays that be blasting on the radio

  6. Troglodita

    I was born in the right generation, now we can google any song from any time and listen to it

  7. Ulisses Gracias

    Excelente canción ami hijo de 4 años como le encanta cantarla y con sentimiento.......

  8. Diogo Balboa Flores

    It reminds me when I first saw Wall-E. Good moments. :)

  9. Paulo Lima

    Hold me close and hold me fastThe magic spell you castThis is la vie en roseWhen you kiss me, heaven sighsAnd though I close my eyesI see la vie en roseWhen you press me to your heartI'm in a world apartA world where roses bloomAnd when you speakAngels sing from aboveEveryday words seemsTo turn into love songsGive your heart and soul to meAnd life will always beLa vie en rose

  10. Bünyamin Tabur

    Kübra seni çok seviyorum.

  11. Norman Riches

    One of my all time favourites Thank you,

  12. Dark Angel

    Background music in a romatic dinner 🥰

  13. al the spook

    Louis Armstrong's smile is enough to make my day. So pure.

  14. Dionta Scenters


  15. Jill Foley

    If I ever get to Heaven - and that will be a miracle - the first person I would like to see after my lovely husband Norman and my family of course would be Louis. He would sing to me this song and I would be on top of the world!

  16. Moron Ltd.

    Naturabrofical, eat your goddamn heart out!!!

  17. Bimbo Bobaツ

    Let's all appriciate this.

  18. Robert Hubbard

    Love this

  19. napolyon bonaparte

    From How I met your mother :)

  20. Kaboom Nguyễn

    One big explosion.One big mushroom over the vast horizon.The sun seems brighter, yet the sky turns grey.The wind blows furiously, yet all you can hear is silence.There you are, in your front yard, sitting alone, on a wooden chair, with a drink in hand, watching the world coming to an end.You know its inevitable, yet you're so calm.There's a song coming on the radio, and deep down you know, that will be your last.This song.

  21. Ceyhun Quliyev


  22. Samuel Araujo Ventura

    W.A.L.L.E (2009)

  23. Minna Hamilton

    Nodoby has a voice like his❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  24. Dare David

    Sax is the definition of classy and sexy. Such an amazing instrument.

  25. Asad Raza

    Am i the only one who gets somewhat emotional listening to this? Like 10/10 would kms to this.

  26. ϟG U I L H E R M E

    *S A I K O?*

  27. Natalie Natilla de Vainilla

    Quand il me prends dans ses bras Il me parle tout bas Je vois la vie en rose Il me dit les mots de amourLes mots de tout le jour Mais il me fais quelque chose C'est lui pour moi,moi pour lui dans la vie...

  28. I've tried in my way to be free

    So darling... We are in love then

  29. Rachie

    Note to self 1:32

  30. Manuel Delgado


  31. Coonface Killah

    "Dolemite Is My Name" brung me to this beautiful song

    RoBoDJ 1

    Lmao same

  32. Rachel Germain

    Yyyyyaaaaayyy I finally found this song after many many many years ☺️💋💋💋🎼🎷🎺🎶🎶🎶🎵🎷🎺✨

  33. dale

    For when I finally meet you, my love... God knows it’s going to happen. 💗

  34. Moonchild's Tears

    we are young souls in love✨

  35. Moonchild's Tears

    This is such a beautiful song💗

  36. Colonel Snivy

    i cried 4 times during wall-e like 10 minutes in and i started crying at that part where wall e held his own hands like holy shit this fucker holds the world record for me weeping the most times in a single hour

  37. fokus medo

    i just going to say wow

  38. Le Tefft

    A cup of whiskey please

  39. Leticia Scott

    Love this ❤️ so Paris ❤️💙 something gotta give! Rip Louis.

  40. Christina 21

    The longest intro ever

  41. Nathalie J

    This makes me radiate happiness

  42. Billies Bil Sack

    1:08 I love the slightly failed trumpet part. It was actually quite soothing

  43. Billies Bil Sack

    Rest in piece Louis ❤️

  44. Benny The Dog

    i picture myself somewhere in france, walking with my love down the street and this song is playing in the background

  45. karol *

    this song gives me something to live for. it makes me hope that one day somebody will love me and everything will be okay when I’m with them. to whoever is my soulmate, I love you already

  46. marko 2001

    Came here because of Whitewoods through Pyrocynical.

  47. Victoria Sarabia

    hopeless romantic here!

  48. ZentaX NBA 2k Mobile

    Jazzy music I like it

  49. Andreina Lima

    Eu tô aqui pelo um livro Livro: TENSÃO 🔥

  50. Diana C.

    Quién por aquí de México con buen gusto musical :) ?

  51. Marzio Bruno

    Benvenuto in Kirat

  52. Γιώργος Ξυπακης

    +1 like if you listen this song in 2019!

  53. Reemauriskate Madeen

    i would like to dance this wonderful song in my i'm a man who loves this shhh don't tell everybody about it shhhh

  54. Princess Luka

    I remember my crush played this song and i couldn't help but smile because its such a beautiful song. And today i played it on the rain and he sang it with me 💛

  55. 【 Trashmouth Tozier 】

    Le Mime Solitaire, anyone? :))

  56. Anna Feliciano

    Louis Armstrong’s music is soul food

  57. Aislinn Lewis-Smith

    if i don't get proposed to with this song in the background i want another try at life pls

  58. Silverlance TV

    this is not death metal but i was not disappointed.

  59. Kanaksinh Zala

    Wall-E 😍😍

  60. Cem Kılıç

    HIMYM ❤️

  61. Michellin Faye

    2 months to wait until 2020 im still ganna listen to this! even im a teenager.. other teenager will never appreciate this song but i really love this ❣️

  62. Edwin Palencia

    Hold me close and hold me fastThe magic spell you castThis is la vie en roseWhen you kiss me heaven sighsAnd tho I close my eyesI see la vie en roseWhen you press me to your heartI'm in a world apartA world where roses bloomAnd when you speak... Angels sing from aboveEveryday words seem... To turn into love songsGive your heart and soul to meAnd life will always beLa vie en rose

  63. Jack The Oreo Man

    Whenever I hear this song I think of Wall-E

  64. BenDoesMinecraft

    Lullaby material.

  65. RandomBrown Dude

    Year : 2050 anyone?

  66. Marco Evans

    This song would stop a charging BULL!😠=😁

  67. hamed CR7

    انا ايش جابني هين

  68. aliciaa dL

    k but i’m getting *TOTAL* Wally vibez..

  69. keep it local xx

    I am born in a wrong generation, why? Because in this era of society you can't find a true love like how sincere was love before. In this era it's hard to find a true and faithful person. In this generation, teens are using drugs, getting pregnant at the wrong age, doesn't respect their parents. I always wanted to look how beautiful and sincere people before, I wanted to born in the year when my great grandmother and grandfather was born, it's like their lives is more of happiness, I want to go back to the time where love was sincere.

  70. EJ 22G

    I can listen to great music, for free, just by clicking a few times on a screen and not even moving from my seat._I was born in the right generation._

  71. geoffrey collins

    wheres the performers to replace him?

  72. Tekz_lostGhostx x

    Doctor: You have 2 minutes to liveMe: play la vie en rose Doctor: but that song lasts 3:25 minutes.God: its ok :)

  73. Erika Kovalsky

    New Generation here 2019 I Love this ❤️🎼🎺🎷🎬🎤🎸🎻

  74. Tonny Gonzalez

    Mi Yulii ♥️

  75. uneducatedisnotstupid lol

    Damn I love his voice it's calming.

  76. Sahir Is

    I’m assuming everyone here is a hopeless romantic 🥰


    i'm actually ace but yeah most ppl here are haha

    Blazing Insanity

    Nah. I do want to sing this to someone though...

    Francis X. ES

    Too true man. Finding love seems the same as winning a lottery at this point. Based on the few years I’ve been alive, love seems like a slim hope already :(.

  77. arika usuruk

    i wish there was a cover of this in french but with the same music( idk how to explain, like with the trumpet and the things this version has)

  78. killersoap21

    I miss you.

  79. Rocknes Cool

    I’m a simple man, a dream of mine is to one day meet a woman who will dance with me to this song, like after a long day at work I turn the speaker on and we just dance the night away. That just sounds so peaceful and nice to me. It’s an amazing song.

  80. jacob duffy

    u suck ass

  81. Yesha Soberano

    10 years ago.....

  82. jakob peters

    This song is the definition of beauty

  83. Kidoxx

    why do i hear silverfishes and witches in the background?

  84. Robert P

    Sorry my ignorance. Is this blues? If not, what kind of genre is it?

  85. Be Happy With Grace

    Dear future husband,Don’t you dare leave and hurt me ok!?Because I know that before I made a vow it is so hard to get my yes! Dont you waste your hardwork and dedication to be with me because if I take you seriously I can be whatever up u want 🥰 I Love U my future husband 😍🥰From your future wife

  86. DBZWarrior

    Few lyrics. A legendary song.

  87. DankUnionFilms

    This Song Brings Me Memories From WALL-E

  88. SpendLess CookMore

    Idk why Im crying :'(

  89. ϟG U I L H E R M E


  90. Mayur's Music

    Kahi na ja aaj kahi mat ja wow what an inspiration

  91. Queen Era

    Whoever is here is romantic;)

  92. Queen Era

    That's Edith Piaf's right?

  93. Cristianito Ronaldo

    No se como hay gente que prefiere el regueton de mierda existiendo esta belleza de musica.

  94. El Casper

    Vengo por Wall-E

  95. Aleister Black

    Our Music Teacher Sir Kinders Jeffery Played This Masterpiece On A Trumpet He Loved Louis Armstrong Works The Most . I Wish I Can Meet Him One Last Time

  96. Ethan Perez

    i like this song better because i cant speak paris

  97. Alicja Kowalczyk

    Lov ♥️

  98. jj tt

    Wall-E you sob =(

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