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The Weeknd - The Hills

The Hills
: The Hills
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: 30-12-2018
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (The Weeknd - The Hills )
  1. OjhaG Ojha

    Send me HD link fulll video

  2. Bev Simmons

    So sad your retiring

  3. Sandeep n

    Nicki is just tooo beautiful

  4. Chase Elliott

    Man that dude can fucking sing. This song is fucking epic

  5. Luis Viera

    I get chills eveytime i here nicki verse lol ....

  6. Leonardo Silva

    i'm still waiting for the weeknd, nicki and eminem sing this song live

  7. TaiTheVloger

    We both know Nicki got Smashed real fast by Abel no cap

  8. Grace Kirk


  9. John Nuke

    No se Está bien vergas este video

  10. Jean Christian Songomali


  11. Lupita Perez

    Niki is gorgeous

  12. Leonardo Silva

    almost 3 years since this and it still gives me fucking goosebumps

  13. Princesss Lyssaaa

    this whole video is sexcc😩🤤especially nicki part 😍😍😍😭!

  14. Tigist Shume

    He just know how to say yene konjo ewedshalew😂😂😂

  15. Gilberto Paredes

    I think she wet herself 😂

  16. nicole karmah

    THat suprise watching the weeknd and then boop the QUEEN shows up

  17. Shinta Makes

    She's so beautiful here

  18. Joyce Kemtsa


  19. Louis X

    Queen Nicki made the song even better

  20. Giovanni Gonzalez

    You already know Abel smashed backstage 😂😂😂👌👈

  21. Samry Alemu

    He is singing a song that saying "my love" I know because I'm ethiopain🇪🇹

    Rin Joyner

    It’s so beautiful Amharic 😍😍😍

    مريم السحيمي

    What does it mean "fickir"??

    Zidan Elias

    مريم السحيمي fikir means love and Gene means my. Therefore,

    مريم السحيمي

    @Zidan Elias thank you bro

  22. louita kim

    i’m ship of them 😭😭😭♥️

  23. Soufiane amar

    I Love You Niki 😂😂😍😍😍


    2:38 m crying

  25. beary tolosa

    Yene konjo Abel yyyyy

  26. Kidist mamo

    He's Name Abel tesfaye love you Abel from Ethiopia

  27. Lea Mirkovic

    They had so much chemistry

  28. RITCHY P


  29. RITCHY P


  30. RITCHY P


  31. Julie Thomas

    All 30 need to

  32. sammy negassi

    he is king

  33. Mohammed Kaneki

    2019 and I still lovee thisss so romanticcc

  34. XOTWOD Xo


  35. Nakitende Ro3e

    The queen 😍😍😍

  36. Ashanti Bell

    She got hidden hits maaan why I love her!

  37. Maverick

    he smashed her that night

  38. tayla t

    Well shit I gotta go fuck my gf

    tayla t

    I’m v high

  39. Anderson V

    Excelente canción

  40. beta

    2: 38 that part when he started to sing in amharic. also the way he looks at her is so cute

  41. naomi duta

    the weeknddd play too much Nicky looking like snack but he ain't feeling her or checking her out Nicky trying be bad asss female that she is I mean she ain't trying she is haha he like hold up I am going get her let speak another language she fell a little. towards the end she leaves and then he back into mood he started like OK bye Nicky haha

  42. Babyxoxo

    Whew the chemistry

  43. Cuca Viçando

    Imagina os dois transando 🔥

  44. Jason Goncalves

    I swear Nicki looking like "Boy wtf iz u saying, iz u an alien or something"

  45. Muhib Gowhari

    he should’ve had this as the original song. nicki minaj could’ve also got a #1!


    @The King she could have, she have so many hit songs, anaconda, starships, feeling myself, moment 4 life, your love, no frauds and even as a featured artist, swalla, fefe, rake it up and on and on and on

    Muhib Gowhari

    The King she is, but when her highest point in her career was there, so was pop artists like katy perry, taylor swift, etc, making it hard for many artists to get #1’s. nicki minaj lost anaconda and the pink print to taylor swift. she lost other songs like superbass to other pop artists

    Danté W

    @The King If Nicki released a song like Super Bass or Starships right now it would get number one easy. Maybe even Beez In The Trap since it's trap era. but when she released those songs, artists like Taylor and Katy were doing a lot so it was hard for *anyone* to get a number one. So you can shut the fuck up clown. She's still the highest selling female rapper for the record. Highest charting solo female rap song last year. first female and third person to have over 100 entries on the Hot 100. the list goes on.

    hugh jass


    hugh jass

    Dont worry the GRAMMYS and billboard's have been messing with Nicki for YEARS!!!!!!!that's why nicki never had a Grammy or a number #1!!!!

  46. Nathália Bragion

    I would definitely flirt with her. Such a babe 😍

  47. Nathália Bragion


  48. Lays Cruz

    Shippo ate hj kkk

    Carlos Oliveira

    +Lays Cruz whats kkkk??

  49. moha ddd

    later they say why they call her the QUEEN watch and learn bitches

  50. Always Right

    Aw that was so cute.

  51. Killerbabies

    She needs that Glam team up or was that meek mill dick glow up because 2018 nicki style and body is messed up 😒😒😕😕😕😕

  52. 아서렁해요

    Queen and rnb prince

  53. Kebe Kass

    was he saying he likes Nicki? I can speak amharic fluently and i know what he's saying

    Mimi thekebablover

    Kebe Kass hes saying my love


    Kebe Kass nah that’s the outro of the song

  54. calletv yotus

    Mi favorito!😤

  55. Vandam Sanchez

    The Nicki Minaj Remix& Her Husband Remix

  56. Mikey S

    You know she was feeling it when he bust out the Amharic.

  57. Mi Na

    Nicki is bae here😍

    I need food

    Mi Na she’s always bae

  58. FØFOTv1 مكافحه شحاتين اللايكات―,.―

    I miss this nicki

    Ruth Negash

    Exactly me too


    FØFOTv1 مكافحه شحاتين اللايكات―,.― same..

  59. Joao clash

    Sem palavras só foca na cara da Rainha

  60. Lui Luan

    Shippo até hoje

  61. alaysia pickett

    Oh they FUCKED FUCKED after that performance

  62. Selam: I love you Jesus Christ

    No he needs to repent and trust in Jesus Christ or he will go to hell there is only one way to heaven that is through Jesus Christ. And you can't work your way to heaven God sees our work as dirty rags we are saved by God's Grace which also means Mercy through our faith in Jesus Christ not of works ..... And this is truly a gift from God....

    S S

    why you here?

    natole Kidane

    u lied to yourself

  63. can't say

    They look good together 😍

  64. Melisa

    2018 and im still ALL ABOUT THAT OUTRO

  65. Camila

    Nicki so good. 😍

  66. hugh jass

    This is one of the millions reasons WHY shes the #Queen! They start screaming and applauding before she even comes on stage and sings her verse! BITCHES 1:21

    Negrali Blade

    that was barely and applause

    Colett Toscano


  67. star dust

    Nickis earsss😂😂

  68. Jikira Giles

    She killed this

  69. Ghosttt x

    Smiling so hard

  70. 0RK0

    I call this EPIC PLAYBACK from both

  71. Jupita Vennus


  72. Ристу Георгиев

    This is great performance. I like the what Nicki said in 2:01. Great addition to the song.

  73. I am always in the line of Ethiopian Airlines

    Yen konjo wedsalho. Hahahaha. Wowwwww the weekend God bless you I Love Ethiopia

    can't say

    Netsi Netsi I love Ethiopian songs so much

    I am always in the line of Ethiopian Airlines

    @can't say ♥

  74. Duda Guedes


  75. xoxoxoxox xo

    he looks high...

    moonlightbaeita grande

    For this .... ahahah xo Till die

    ll Dwayne ll

    @moonlightbaeita grande 😏 i see you

    xoxoxoxox xo

    @moonlightbaeita grande XOTWOD

    tayla t

    I’m v high

  76. Sherretha joseph

    Couple goals

    Sherretha joseph

    Asiya Aman ik but they would be a good couple

    Ingrid Lucimar

    I ship ♥♥

    Manar Basha

    Sherretha joseph so sad he only likes white chicks

    Sedanur Soydaş

    Sherretha joseph yeeeesss

    Sedanur Soydaş

    I ship them

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