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Travis Scott - Stop Trying To Be God

Stop Trying To Be God
: Stop Trying To Be God
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: 15-01-2019
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (Travis Scott - Stop Trying To Be God )
  1. 1NITE Rome

    this is clearly not a normal music video bra.. yall...

  2. Manuel

    Travis Scott seriously is a cool guy. Cpt. Obvious reporting in here, but seriously. This kind of music is beyond taste. It's art. No matter what genre you like or dislike. Scott's music is another level. I think it's modern day's equivalent of Pink Floyd. Thank you!

  3. Nischay Wadhwa

    “When you hustle always make it fancy"😍😍

  4. JaysanthemOfficial

    The editing on this needs a damn award

  5. Franco TheArtist

    takes way back to "Through the night" travis x kudi always fire

  6. enrico bravaccini

    best album ever...

  7. Sữa Chua

    too much auto tune

  8. 1 Solitário


  9. Deivison Kaua tk

    esse album mudou o trap mano muito avancado

  10. jacquie thieng

    good luck 2019-2024

  11. nickyminaty oficial

    Meo tema xuxetumarw🔥🔥🔥🔥🇨🇱🇨🇱

  12. Sinan Yilmaz


  13. Garv Sondhi

    Who’s after nothing but bcoz you love this shit

  14. ThatGuyThere!!

    I feel like Travis is acting like me 🤣

  15. ThatGuyThere!!

    This song is so ironic to me lol check my ig @x_uglygod

  16. Mike Dean

    Fire 🔥

  17. Excellent Boi

    Black Jesus is real 😂😂😂😂😂

  18. Tru Psychotic

    The frickin flute is annoying 😂

  19. DAWID Kopenhagen

    Stop dawcing the gat

  20. Londeka Mandlazi

    only if kylie sang "rise and shine" here so Travis could put her face on the sun.

  21. Jon Ib

    Everyone god so who's God ??

  22. Jasmine Peterson

    It's 2019 and in my opinion Astroworld is still the best album ever I also think it has the best songs I also liked sicko Mode because the collab and how it sounds

  23. Jasmine Peterson

    Best songs ranked 1. All of Travis Scott's music2 is highest in the room (Travis Scott)

  24. Jo Balboa

    This song made me fall in love with travis, started hearing this side of travis instead of the sicko mode antidote and goddamn i love it

  25. Bankole O.

    Look mom I can fly

  26. Toive' Randolph

    The production has kept me here for over a year

  27. Mobi Flash

    This is shit

  28. no love

    travis got a voice

  29. Thiago Da silva

    Que Roteiro FODA💸

  30. T3CHN0DJ3XP0

    Is Kylie trying to kill a little creature at 4:33

  31. Luana G

    is that a chicken?

  32. Spice Rack Gaming

    Travis Scott: "Dracarys"

  33. The Vative

    I knew instantly it was cudi when I heard those mystical hums in my earphones

  34. orlando lopez

    Does that dragon's head look like the baphomet to anyone else ?

  35. Lil Swerve

    I fr want this played at my funeral💀

    Jasmine Peterson

    Me too that would be cool

  36. Antonio Smith

    He saying stop tryna be godlike as in caring, compassionate,loving. It's pretty obvious he's on the evil side. The video shows baby Jesus crib being burnt, letting viewers assume he's in it. Then the camera pans over to Kylie holding a goat, presumably Travis Scott. I'm not gonna spell it out for you but I feel like it's pretty obvious

  37. YungBrendan

    4:20 is that a chicken?

  38. Edith N Zacarias

    Travis: Stop trying to be godKanye: Follow god

  39. ØҜѦ҃

    okay travis

  40. Viktoria

    He really burn me

  41. Mtl Mello TV

    Fly gang

  42. franek pl

    Ja uważam że te filmiki są bardzo fajne też chciałbym żeby było po polsku dla mnie ten kanał Jak chodzi o rapie jest

  43. DankOnMyWrist

    This song is just @Kanye West

  44. cactus ed

    2019? Btw this nostalgic

  45. Mary Álvarez

    Like si hablas español y la escuchas en noviembre 2019

    Ricardo Perea

    si hermano

    Jason Mason

    Mary Álvarez Mexico is a failed state

  46. Luis BravoAlonso

    1:58 edit error somebody clock?

  47. Nicholas Dyer

    Yhhh this is gonna give stormi nightmares (3:02)

  48. Arthur Mayo

    I want that carhartt sweatshirt but they dont sell it online :(

  49. AJ Jnr

    Definitely grew on me,one of my favourites 🔥🔥🌵

  50. Ghxst

    It is Game Of Thrones last season

  51. Haydn Van Rheede

    ft. Bullshit, no talent and mumble rap with special guess your beat is wack.

  52. Nathan Medeiros

    imagine hes talking about Kanye

  53. Matěj Ulč

    Stop trying to be goat.. walking sheep...deep

  54. Matěj Ulč

    Stop trying to be goat.. walking sheep...deep

  55. Gio SexNo

    if you love Travis scott ,SUBSCRIBE my channel

  56. 3L__ M1T0

    Blue Beam

  57. Tyrone&Friends

    1:34 to 1:50 got me tweaking no cap😳

  58. Yanuar Wiranu

    You can see Travis' shoes is changing in 2:40 and 2:51

  59. Турист Катала

    in thoughts forever

  60. Aliatá Ricelli


  61. Daniela Barriovsky

    Song is so damn good

  62. Andress

    Travis is what you call a Timeless rapper he will never get old , such a legend 🔥🔥🔥


    favorite song on the album btw 🔥🔥🔥

  63. Kokkah Dolf

    Like if Travis $cott is better than Travi$ Scott

  64. Sabrina Afework

    STOP take the drugs

  65. Ariel garcia

    Me expresaré de una forma levemente Escatologica en mis videoclips,creo yo...que nadie lo va a notar.

  66. Julian Pope

    Monty Python would be proud

  67. amber loves to cry for her idols, bye

    Jacques is insane.

  68. Shashi Thapa

    Best. Song

  69. Mauricio Björk

    igual es genial travisssssssssssssss

  70. A Grant

    Sneak shot at Kanye.

  71. Marlene Vasquez

    ********** GOD*********

  72. Kevin Karani

    Who is here in 2049 listening for cudi’s humming like hhhm hhhmm.... hhhmmm hhmmm hmm hmmmmmmm

    Finn Finn

    You'll get a like at 2049 man be patient.

  73. juan Mendez

    Fuck the satelite God

  74. rizo doluso

    this about government tryna control people and people false claiming to be god biccarah they felt a likkle power and if the world destroyed they will save only famous people just biccarah of their wealth

  75. And1largedrink Please

    Idk if I’m just high here but what if he’s tryna tell us a scary ass message?..


    There some peopple try to play god, with money.

    And1largedrink Please

    LiLstasy true, was just super high lol

  76. Hakeem Napak

    🖕🖕🖕🖕 I hate

  77. William Labelle

    You relly bad bad bad boy

  78. Emihle Ngwenya

    this is a bop.

  79. Edith N Zacarias

    Travis Scott: Stop trying to be god Kanye West: Follow God; On God, God Is

  80. Tristan Luke

    Bro all kid cudi did was hum and he steals the fucking song

  81. anyelo ric

    cada dia que pasasoy mas gey ayudemmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmme

  82. İsmail YEŞİLDAĞ


  83. Christian Rideaux

    imagine being baptized by Travis Scott lmafo that shit going on everyone of my resumes

  84. William Webster

    🐐 Webster Fam Spreading Knowledge. Wake UP. Everyone else with the dimwitted comments. Read your bible. True Hebrews. Black Americans. 🙏🏾


    adam le rigolo?

  86. Armin Hosseini

    You are GOD

  87. William Logan

    You can really see the Kanye influence in this one

  88. kararctic

    3:11 favorite part


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  90. Federico Ammendola

    Porco dio

  91. J B

    Travi$$ Scott.

  92. SlimShadysv2121 S

    Bro kid kudi's humming let me play creative mode irl

  93. SlimShadysv2121 S

    Who else's favorite part was "cause they did not create commandments" ?

    아이코 하나

    SlimShadysv2121 S me

  94. Oshun Pax

    Gog is god and I am not. - Beyoncé

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